Zeigarnik Effect


8 players, 2 days
Live role-playing game with modified existential therapy, polygonal sculpture, and psychosomatic debris
2 channel live stream
A series of live streamed role-playing sessions facilitated by the artist, who was embodied by a sentient sculptural ‘entity’. The temporary fictional world revolves around what the early 20th century Berlin-based psychology researcher Bluma Zeigarnik described as intrusive thoughts about an objective that was once pursued and left incomplete.

Session rules sample:
1. In the middle of a small group, slowly scan your body for any psychologically charged zones.
2. Describe any formal properties such as shape, sound, texture, or movement, of a particularly charged area you are experiencing.
3. The group should slowly become what you describe, via movement and sound.
4. Speak to it.
5. The group should respond to you, without language, as one unified entity.

A commission by Momentum 8: The Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art.
Installation View: Momentum Biennial, Norway
Installation View: Momentum Biennial, Norway