Without Sun


One actor, one dancer. Found online performances.
HD Video 15 min. Performance 15 min.
Named after the classic Chris Marker video Sans Soliel, Condon’s Without Sun is a tightly edited compilation of “found performances” of individuals attempting to explain the current effects of a dissociative substance.

Images and sounds from the various clips collected from the internet overlap and combine into one seamless experience, creating a 15 minute pseudo-narrative focused on the exterior surface of their “projection of self” into visionary worlds.

The players in Without Sun have recorded themselves looking at the camera this time. Taking up where Marker left off, these (inner) travelogues question memory, perception, and the effects of current participatory media and technology on culture. Utilizing the original video as a choreography document and script, the performance of Without Sun dissociates the body from voice with one actor and one dancer.

Voice: Russell Edge
Movement: Linda Austin

Performed at MoMA as part of Performa 09, The Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s Time Based Arts Festival, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, and Machine Project in Los Angeles.