Prediction Error


10 players, 2 hours
Neuronal role-playing, modified prediction processing model

Prediction Error is two hour workshop on becoming elements of the hidden states underlying our delusions and hallucinations.

After an introduction by cognitive neuroscientist Phillip Corlett, Director of the Belief, Learning, and Memory Lab at Yale, we simulate a predictive coding model.

These models provide a mechanistic description of delusion formation as a result of overactive prediction error systems that can no longer accurately contextualize our surrounding environment.

Presented at:
LUCA Brussels (with Hito Steyerl)
         Blend and Bleed Symposium
School of the Art Institute Chicago
HfK Bremen
Alphabet Project, Łódź

Modified prediction processing model
Alphabet Project, Łódź, Poland

Game sample

Game sample, Blend and Bleed Symposium, LUCA Brussels

Intro to delusions and predictive coding with neuroscientist Phillip Corlett