Circles of Focus


Christine Borland and Brody Condon

Circles of Focus is the the result of a collaborative research project by artists Christine Borland and Brody Condon that explores human body donation as a tool for artistic research and practice.

Open air fired ceramic sculptures, performance documentation, and legal paperwork presented in the CCA Galleries function as a proposal to potential body donors whom the artists have worked with over the past two years. Borland and Condon imagine a contemporary approach to death and dying by suggesting the anonymous body after death could be a site of ambiguity and expression.

The project has been made possible through collaborations with experts and institutions, including the Laboratory of Human Anatomy, University of Glasgow; Materialise UK; Fursbeck Pottery, Orkney; Flux Laser & CNC Studio, Glasgow; Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences, Northumbria University and Cove Park; and with funding from a Creative Scotland Vital Spark Award.