Four Sessions


Existential therapy, unfinished pearl inlay bowl, forgotten rope, traditional drum reverberations, shamanic channeling.
4-channel HD video installation, 2 hours.

A series of documented existential therapy sessions with Korean intangible cultural treasures. Each set of sessions focused on an object relevant to the craftpersons’ process: an unfinished pearl inlay bowl holding a past trauma, a forgotten practice rope, the reverberations of a traditional drum, and the internal states of shamanic channeling.

Each session was facilitated by the artist along with a trained psychologist with a research focus specific to each craftsperson. By role playing and speaking with their works, the participants illuminated the relation between these psychologically charged objects and common issues in craft and contemporary art such as peer power struggles, legacy, financial precarity, and physical fatigue.

Lim Sun Bin, Intangible Treasure No. 30: Drum Making
Kim Jung Ryul, Intagible Treasure No. 24: Lacquer Craft
Kim Dae-Gyun, Intangible Treasure No. 50: Slackline Performance
Lee Hae Kwung, Hwanghae Shaman

Supported by the 2014 Anyang Public Arts Project.

Lee Hae Kwung, Hwanghae Shaman
Installation View: Kim Chung Up Musuem, Anyang, Korea